jeudi 31 mars 2011

Lolita and butterflies!

Picture by Mlle Chévre

Even if I`m not really part of the Quebe`s lolita community I love hanging out with them and going to their meetings. Everybody is so kind and pretty! I`m always kind of afraid they won`t like me since OTT sweet isn`t really popular here, but they are always gentle to me.
The meeting

Picture by Mlle Chévre

This time we went to the botanic garden to see the free butterflies. I`m not a fan of plants or butterflies, but it was really beautiful! Fairy tale alike and the air was so refreshing and different from the city and winter.

I was also glad to see some of my friends and meet new people. We were about 20 people.
After the visit, we were hungry and to make a change we decided to go eat tacos. It was funny to see us all wearing frilly dresses eating tacos and listening to the Spanish music and since I speak Spanish I can tell you some of the songs were really awkward.

To end the day, I ate one of the most wonderful ice creams ever! Let me explain, it was mint ice cream mixed with a brownie, chocolate chips and liquid chocolate in front of me. Arww what a wonderful day!

The outfit!

My first time really wearing OTT sweet lolita. I could say it was Easter themed even if it turned out that way by accident. I really like how it looks, but the next time I want to try a different hair style.

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  1. Looking cuuute~ that ice cream sounds amazing btw x3

  2. Thank you both ^^!
    @Serepuff : yep! I`m a huge fan of chocomint as flavour so everytime I see something made of mint chocolate i just have to get it XD

  3. Reiko you are always so pretty. ♥

  4. hi.I have a question about lolita and do you become one or where can you get the right clothes for an inexpenssive price?