mercredi 6 avril 2011

Don`t forget to follow your dreams...

I`m in my last year of high school, since the first day of this school year my goal has been obtaining my diploma and being accepted to college. I wasn`t expecting having friends, the bal or creating amazing memories. I just wanted to get out as soon as possible. I`m a good student, but I just don`t feel that high school is my place.

One year ago, I wasn`t sure about my future, by that time, I wanted to become a pastry chef since everybody told me that going on fashion was way too difficult, but then, DBSK inspired me to follow my dream and work as hard as I could. So yeah, I said fuck off to what the others told me and I decided to go for my dream.

And you know what? I don`t regret it at all! This week I received my acceptation letter from college and to make it better I have some friends going to the same college and a few are going to fashion design too! I just can`t wait! Everything is going to be so wonderful! This 16th everybody who`ll be in the same program from A to L have a kind of information conference, so I`ll meet my next classmates .

To anyone, do what you love and work for your dreams because they are waiting for you!

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