jeudi 3 mars 2011

Baking with strawberrys!

Today I was on the cooking mood. I made tomatoe pasta but I wasn`t enough, and since the strawberrys were about to be out-of-date, I made a pink dissert with them.

At first I wasn`t sure to succed the recipe since it was my the first time but I pulled it of pretty well even if it doesn`t look like the picture on the website . Its called strawberry pudding but it`s acuatlly muffin bread with a mix between jam and caramel on the top.

The dough. Made with sugar, flour, milk and butter. I added some red artificial color to give a cotton candy look that came out very well.

The jam/caramel. Made of strawberrys, sugar, lemon juice and butter.

The final product! It doesn`t looks really awesome but it teastes like heaven!

I`m totally doing this again. I would like to try apple or blueberrys instead since my mother doesn`t like strawberrys.

You can try a similar recipe in english here.

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