samedi 29 janvier 2011

Ice cream fimo tutorial!

What you`ll need?
- Different colors of fimo ( more than 3 and specially light pink or brown and white)
- Needle or a safety pin
- Small rolling pin
- Pizza cutter or Knife

Step 1 use the pink or brown and make a triangle (personally I make an oval and use the pizza cutter to cut it like a triangle)

Step 2 Making the ice cream cone pattern. Use the pizza cutter or the knife to make inclined lines.

Step 3 The ice cream scoop. Make a round or ovale form and put the bottom part under the cone. Make a strap with the same color as the ice cream and put it on the top, between the cone and the scoop.

Step 4 Giving the ice cream texture. Use the needle to scratch and make very small holes on your ice cream.

Step 5 putting on the white cream (it could be chocolate too) Make and irregular round form and put it on the top of your scoop. You`ll probably have some rests so you can cut them as I did

Step 6 The touch up , Use a plastic stick to give that "w" form to your ice cream, it will look cuter and fill the space left with the same color as the scoop.

Step 7 Make it colorful! Make very tiny straps with other colors that fit your ice cream and cut them into little rectangles to create "candy". Put them on the top of your cream and violà.

Now you are free of making what you want just like : charms, necklaces, rings etc...

My clay creations!

One of my favorite things about the week ends it`s having enough time to craft. Lately I have been doing fimo and cold porcelain stuff. I do it for me and as a gitf for my friends. I`m pretty new at it but I always try to improve!



I hope you like that I made because my next post will be an ice cream tutorial!

Kiseki B-day 8/01/11

I love B-day partys even if they aren`t mine, I love cakes, gifts and having fun with friends.

This time it was Amanda`s B-day, even if we don`t see each other really often I`m always really happy when go out. To celebrate we went to a shopping mall, korean restaurant (so yummy!) and to her house.
Everybody was so kind even the waiter, except from george the guy that made a huge reservation in out first restaurant choice D:


What I ate?

Beef soup with rice cake and dumplings! Really hot but good.
Almond cake with fruits, the butter cream was AWESOME!!!

I hope we`ll go to the karaoke soon! I really hope they`ll have JYJ`s english songs so I`ll be able to sing the real lyrics for once and not just try to read hangeul and fail.

My outfit
Kind of simple but I like it

I don`t really look good but I know that at moment I was really happy so who cares C:

vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Cold winter, warm cuteness

Winter isn`t by far mi favorite season. Other tan christmas it is jus toooooo cold, gray and not fashionable. Wearing always a coat and boots isn`t the most cute or confortable thing ever.
But one of my favorite things about this season are the accessories.

Ear muffs, scars, gloves etc.. Fluffly is the key word. So i took some pictures of mine :



I wish i could wear them all year long.

-Tips to stay cute and warm in winter:-

- Lots of layers : socks , legwarmers, leggings. Don`t be afraid to try an old school decora look.

- Accessorise : Nothing is cuter and a fluffly pair of earmuffs and scarfs give a nice touch to your outfit.

- "Pimp" : You can use bows, lace, fur etc... To decorate your boots or coat.

- Always put on lipstick, gloss etc.. Or your lips will dry and its going to hurt bad.

samedi 8 janvier 2011

Going out with Jiji 1/5/2010

Let me present you Jiji one of my friends from the "Rainbow-Team" She lives a little far from Montreal but this summer She`ll move here and we`ll study fashion design together! I can`t wait!

We went to eat delicious cake and shopping at the China town and downtown. I love to be with her because we can spend hours just talking about japanese fashion ^^! This Summer we`ll may travel to the USA with the rest of the rainbow-team San fransisco or New york. We don`t know yet. San fransisco would be pretty amazing because of the japanase fashion boutiques there but it`s really far from here T.T.

Jiji eating chocolate cake


Me eating white choclate cheessecake


This time if decided to go for a rainbowxpink outfit. With some vintage characters as My little pony and Rainbow Bride.


JSK- Handmade

Hair accessories- My little pony 2000`s generation (My favorite one)

Shoes- Reebok

The rest- Off brand

What I bought?


Legging and Tshirt- H&M

Ear muffs- China Town

It was kind of cold and my ears were sooo cold so I decided to buy those cute ear muffs.

samedi 1 janvier 2011

New Year New Blog


I do belive this year will be plenty of happiness, new experiences and success. I just want to use this blog to share my sweet adventoures and may do some tutorials about my passions.

Lets start with my new year resolutions...

Be accepted in college (fashion design)

Get a summer job

Get at least one of my dream dresses

Go to New York

Buy lots of pretty and cute clothes ^^

Take more care of my self (food, skin, hair)

I hope your resolutions will comme true! I`ll work hard to make mine comme true.