vendredi 8 avril 2011

Volunteering at the local cat shelter

I have always been an animal lover, from dinosaurs and horses to dogs and cats. Around two years ago I had a small dog named Shanon, she was SUCH a nice dog, very clean and gentle, but sadly she became paralyzed and we had to make her sleep... Ever since I still wanted to have a pet mostly a dog , but a rabbit or a cat were good options too. However my parets were always refusing because it is a huge responsibility and that kind of things.... yet, I didn`t want to give up...

I always knew there was a local cat shelter because homeless cats are serious issue where I live. Sometimes I can even see more than 5 cats on the back parking of my building. Finally, do to something gentle for the others and show to my parents how much I wanted a cat I started volunteering.

Every two Sundays adoptions days take place at the communitarian center. We have to prepare the place for the cats: put the cages, add some publicity and adds, put food and liter on the cages, etc.. then the foster families bring them and the people wishing to adopt arrive.

After two months, I asked to be a foster family and my parents agreed with it. Now I`m taking care of a lovely grey cat named "Smokey". He`s very kind towards humans, but he doesn`t likes other cats. This if my first official experience with a cat as pet and til now I`m really liking it! He`s not actually mine. He is up for adoption and I bring him to the adoption days hoping to be adopted soon.

mercredi 6 avril 2011

Don`t forget to follow your dreams...

I`m in my last year of high school, since the first day of this school year my goal has been obtaining my diploma and being accepted to college. I wasn`t expecting having friends, the bal or creating amazing memories. I just wanted to get out as soon as possible. I`m a good student, but I just don`t feel that high school is my place.

One year ago, I wasn`t sure about my future, by that time, I wanted to become a pastry chef since everybody told me that going on fashion was way too difficult, but then, DBSK inspired me to follow my dream and work as hard as I could. So yeah, I said fuck off to what the others told me and I decided to go for my dream.

And you know what? I don`t regret it at all! This week I received my acceptation letter from college and to make it better I have some friends going to the same college and a few are going to fashion design too! I just can`t wait! Everything is going to be so wonderful! This 16th everybody who`ll be in the same program from A to L have a kind of information conference, so I`ll meet my next classmates .

To anyone, do what you love and work for your dreams because they are waiting for you!