jeudi 3 mars 2011

Pastel me!

It has been a while since I didn`t post any outfit pictures. Since I`m in spring break and I don`t have much to do at home I went out with a friend to the closest shopping mall.
Spring and summer are pretty much my favorite season for getting new clothes since they are cuter and more colorful.

I really passed a good time because we did cute things like eating cotton candy, go to ToysRus and look at the new toys collection and try stupid and funny costume hats. Seeing all those toys really gives me inspiration, I hope one day I`ll have my own collection of Barbies and My little pony.

The outfit!

I know this kind of top isn`t the best for my body type but, I really like it! The shorts are homemade and so are the heart and star sheape necklaces. The fabric was originally withe, but I painted it to give that spankish look and yes since it still winter in Canada I have to wear boots to go out ;^;.

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