lundi 23 mai 2011

Sewing , Deco den , shoes & myself

One of the things in the top of my summer wishlist was getting new shoes, summer shoes of course and heels! I had the chance to get three pairs of cute shoes for a good price, so I couldn't resist!
I have also being sewing a JSK


And almost finish decorating my cellphone


To end , sorry I don't feel like writing today but I wanted to show you my stuff, a faceshoot from saturday.

mardi 17 mai 2011

How to prepare yourself for an important meet up?

In less than a month the most important lolita meeting is coming : "Ste Dolores". Everybody is getting ready and the ones who can, ordering new items.

How to get ready?
- Think about the main piece of your outfit, a JSK , a OP or a skirt. If you can't order something new, try to wear something that you haven't wore for others meetings.

-Find a concept! If you are wearing a print, then it could be your concept. If not, think about how do you feel or how your main piece inspires you? Maybe it reminds you of a doll, a magical girl, a princess, etc...


- Do a sketch of how do imagine the whole outfit! Even if you aren`t good at drawing, just like me, if doesn't really matters as long as you understand what you'll need to complete your look.

- Make a list of what you already have and what you need to do or to buy, if you write the prices too it could be helpful!

- Try your hairstyle and make up at least one week before the meeting! You don't need to pull off the whole outfit, but it gives you a good idea of the look. Take your time! It is for a special day, so it doesn't matters if it takes hours, also be sure that it will last the day long.


-One or two days before be sure that everything is ready and clean.

- If it's a picnic or a meet up at somebody's house cook or bake something nice and tasty! They will appreciate it for sure.

- Do your nails the night before and make them match with your outfit! If you are wearing fake nails, I would suggest to glue them just before going to the meeting and after you are done with your hair and make up.

- Wake up early! Nothing stress me more than having the impression of being late. So please, be sure that you'll have enough time to get ready!

As a last suggestion, if you can make a sleepover with a friend before the meeting do it! It's always cute & fun, plus she could help you to do your hair!

dimanche 15 mai 2011

Getting ready for summer!


We can feel it! Summer is coming, everybody is talking about prom, party, getting a job and exams! As someone who likes to plan, I would like to present you some ideas to be prepared for a great summer.

1) Until you have done your last final exam, school should be your priority! Nobody likes to have summer class, so please be sure that you attend class and you are ready for the exams, if not ask for help. Its kind of boring, but remember, after some weeks of efforts you'll have fun for two months!

2) Make a wish list and stick to it! Summer is the best moment to renew your wardrobe and try new coords and clothes. You can even make it in order of priority and write on a calendar when you should buy what.


3) Meet up with your friends and local community as much as you can! Try to organise different events. You don`t need to spend much, how about a pic-nic or just going out for ice cream? It's so much better than just being bored at home right?


4) CONVENTIONS ARE COMING! YOU MUST BE READY! Otakuthon days are the best bays of my summer, but they are also stressful. So, try to register as soon as you can and discuss with your friends what you would like to do. Maybe matching outfits? Cosplay? Take your time and make the most wonderful outfit ^^ ! Also, if the con is out of your town you should find where to stay as soon as possible, and if it's close to your home, how about fostering one of your friends?

5) Try new activities! I love scrolling all day on tumblr, but after a couple of days it becomes boring and pointless. You don`t even need to go out. Painting, writing, sewing or crafting are good choices too!

6) Stay in shape! It's really easy to spend the whole day indoors and eat all you see. I'm actually pretty good at doing that... Instead, stick to a healthy and tasty diet and go out for a walk every day, you can also learn dances if you prefer!

If you have any other ideas please let me know! I wish you all a happy summer!