lundi 9 janvier 2012

I'm not aiming for perfection.

In a certain way, people could say I take fashion too serious, to me it's a lifestyle, art and a mirror of myself, but in other way I don't take it seriously at all, I make clothes out off old bed sets, I don't care about any rule and I don't care how ridiculous my coords can get.

The more I think about it the more I realise I don't want to be perfect, I just want live happily and express myself however I want to.

That is actually what the real harajuku showed me, your hair can look damaged, your make up can get messy, your clothes can come from anywhere and not always match. We are not models, we are ordinary people with our own taste on fashion and that is what actually a lot of people should realise!!

Yes, I take a lot of time doing my hair and make up, I like to look cute, but I can't be perfect and I don't give two fucks about it, because I still look at the mirror and think I'm so freaking beautiful and everybody should think the same about themselves.

Be as crazy as you want, change your hair as often as you feel the need, don't always stay "classy", have fun and most important embrace your flaws and love yourself.

jeudi 5 janvier 2012

Meet the dinos!!

When I was a little girl I used to be obsessed about dinosaurs, specially about Triceratops , they are the coolest dinos.
This week with my family we went to the science museum because there is an special exposition about dinosaurs.

They was about 24 replicas of dinos in different sizes, some could even move and they were as big as a bus or almost.

Outfit Picture!

This outfit is pretty casual because I was going out with my family so I try to go casual.
The picture was taken on the crazy mirrors, this one is supposed to make you look slimmer LOL

This was like a 360 mirror or a kaleidoscope mirror, I LOVED IT , it made me feel like a model or an idol hehe. I could see myself everywhere.

dimanche 1 janvier 2012

What am I doing?

As you should already know I'm on winter break and I don't have a job, so what the fuck do I do with my life lately?

  1. Being on internet ( tumblr, facebook, DBSK and Japanese fashion sites)
  2. Crafting.
  3. Going out with my friends.

Getting more serious I want to show you stuff I got/made these days.

For chritsmas I got a Nintendo DSI, because I spend two hours everyday on the metro and bus to get to the school, so I can have fun instead of sleeping on the metro LOL

The games

I bougth my little pony and hello kitty game and one of my friends gave me nintendogs.
I want to buy mario kart, cooking mama, pokemon pearl or diamond and any kind of game to improve and practice my Japanese.

Yesterday my cellphone got damaged and I got to buy a new one, at least it was 50% off, so yeah new cellphone, I want to get it a pink cover and a DBSK strap.

Crafting time!

I always deco my headphones and this time I wanted to make something diferent and a bit crazier.. As you can see I glued pink and purple fur on them and a few small cyber lox.

I also made this skirt today, I plan wearing it for the fairy kei meeting this week! I'll be wearing a tutu under it because it looks a lot better and puffier. If my corset could arrive before the meeting that would be perfect!

Rigth now I'm also making accessories for "Fariy Crash" an online shop I'll open with my rainbow-team friends this month. Please look forward it! I'll show you the page when everything its done!