vendredi 25 mars 2011

Unpopular brands that I love

Even if I don`t wear japanese brands yet, I do have favorite brands some of them are very common as angelic pretty or 6% doki doki, but others aren`t and this post is about two of them!

This hime gyaru brand has everything that a princess needs , from dresses to dog clothes and sports wear at affordable prices! Sadly they don`t sell overseas, but you can always use a shopping service, the main reason why I do like this brand is because of the style their mix between princess,cute,casual,sexy and pink. Of course, the staff of this shop are all really cute hime gyarus and you can find lots of them pictures on the official website. In my opinion, their site is really good and since the main titles are in English no need to use a translator to find what you are looking for.
This kind of JSK is adorable and has a cute bears print which isn`t very usual in hime style since most of the prints are floral.
This kind out outfit is very versatil because it could work for different styles as spank or gyaru
This watch is just TOO adorable !

This adorable brand makes sweet lolita, punk lolita and even kodona which are divided by different categories. Their site actually has an english part and you can order from cdjapan or tokyo rebel. The princes are a little cheaper from the other lolita brands which is good, but actually my favorite part are the sizes! Most of their JSK and OP are all back shirred and they even have a L size that means REAL L and XL size and not japanese L size that is a western S/M most of the time and yes they do have a lovely plus sized model.

From sweet to casual and punk style

I really love this JSK! the print is simple but the model is really cute

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  1. OMG,I didn't know La Pafait,they have such a cute stuff!!I like how they mixed cute and hime things.

  2. I`m glad you like it ^^ yes they do! I really like cute hime too

  3. woah, they have plus sized clothing. Very cute, I will have to check them out. But it amazes me, usually lolita clothing doesn't fit me. But they have cute flattering clothes!

    I also like that heart print dress. I would wear it in their black or blue versions.