samedi 31 décembre 2011

Here I'm once again...

I decided to come back because I know I have things to say and share. I felt the urge to keep blogging. So here I'm, its new year and I actually made this blog one year ago.

What happened between then and now? I'd say too much things, good and bad... In the last few months I learned a lot about myself and I migth say, I changed a little, but I still being the same person and having the same dreams.

So lets start with my resolutions:

- Go to a JYJ & SM town show
- Get a part time job
- Save for Japan
- Sew as much as I can
- Workout
- Stop eating as a crazy hungry bitch ( LOL)
- Keep going with college and work harder
- Make new friends and keep my old ones
- Go to the USA
- Get a credit card ( I'm turning 18 this year)
- Still being happy.
- Take more outfit picutres.

and this is pretty much it for tonigth but keep watching because Reiko is back and she won't go away any time soon ;D