mercredi 16 mars 2011

Being blonde

I love my hair color but I`m not going to lie, being blonde when your natural hair is almost black is a pain in the neck.

From black to white...

First step : Will it suit me? This was my main concern since I`m aren`t really white I was afraid of looking bad or ugly. I truly believe that as any other hair color it can suit everybody it you show enough confidence. Are you ready to take all the responsabilities? As I said it isn`t an easy color if your hair is dark. Can you afford doing your roots monthly? Do you know that your hair will be damaged? Are you okey with having different shades of blonde from your roots to your "pointes" ? Do you know that you can`t get rid of this color easy? If the answer to all those questions is yes, then you are ready for the step two

Second step : How and where to dye your hair? Some people go to hair salons, do it themselves, ask to a friend or sibling, etc... I actually prefer to do it at a hairdresser school. Why? Because it`s cheap around 30$/month and well done. I have tried doing it myself (my roots turned orange) and going to a small hair salon where the prince was similar (my roots turned yellow).

Third step: getting the right color! Don't be disappointed if your hair turns yellow or even orange the first time you bleach. It would take at least two entire bleaches to have a good blond color. If you want a silver or platinum color you should use "L'oreal professional solver"this shampoo gives you a silver look and erases the yellow parts, but it doesn't bleach your hair or do miracles.

What should I do after?

Try to do your roots as often as you can, if you wait more than a month they`ll turn yellow or even orange when bleached, but even if you do them every month don`t expect to have a perfect shade of blond everywhere.

Use some treatments! You can buy them almost everywhere. You can find all kinds of brands, prices and qualities . Recently, I bought "L`oreal Absolute repair" and I really loved it. My hair became softer and easier to play with.

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  1. I totally agree with you on getting your hair done at a hairdressing school! I always have my hair done at my college's beauty school. It's about 1/6 of the price of a professional hairdresser, and always really well done since they're so careful with their customers' hair.

    Plus, they're so much more open to weird suggestions and enjoy doing unusual things much more! Last time I walked into a professional hairdressers and asked for pink hair? I got temporary red streaks in my fringe and that was it-- she told me I "wouldn't like it pink". When I walked into my campus hairdresser's and asked them for the same thing? They went right ahead and dyed it a beautiful bright raspberry pink with no trouble!

    My hair is naturally dark too, though, and I'll agree that it's a pain to have to keep bleaching the roots!