jeudi 31 mars 2011

Lolita and butterflies!

Picture by Mlle Chévre

Even if I`m not really part of the Quebe`s lolita community I love hanging out with them and going to their meetings. Everybody is so kind and pretty! I`m always kind of afraid they won`t like me since OTT sweet isn`t really popular here, but they are always gentle to me.
The meeting

Picture by Mlle Chévre

This time we went to the botanic garden to see the free butterflies. I`m not a fan of plants or butterflies, but it was really beautiful! Fairy tale alike and the air was so refreshing and different from the city and winter.

I was also glad to see some of my friends and meet new people. We were about 20 people.
After the visit, we were hungry and to make a change we decided to go eat tacos. It was funny to see us all wearing frilly dresses eating tacos and listening to the Spanish music and since I speak Spanish I can tell you some of the songs were really awkward.

To end the day, I ate one of the most wonderful ice creams ever! Let me explain, it was mint ice cream mixed with a brownie, chocolate chips and liquid chocolate in front of me. Arww what a wonderful day!

The outfit!

My first time really wearing OTT sweet lolita. I could say it was Easter themed even if it turned out that way by accident. I really like how it looks, but the next time I want to try a different hair style.

vendredi 25 mars 2011

Unpopular brands that I love

Even if I don`t wear japanese brands yet, I do have favorite brands some of them are very common as angelic pretty or 6% doki doki, but others aren`t and this post is about two of them!

This hime gyaru brand has everything that a princess needs , from dresses to dog clothes and sports wear at affordable prices! Sadly they don`t sell overseas, but you can always use a shopping service, the main reason why I do like this brand is because of the style their mix between princess,cute,casual,sexy and pink. Of course, the staff of this shop are all really cute hime gyarus and you can find lots of them pictures on the official website. In my opinion, their site is really good and since the main titles are in English no need to use a translator to find what you are looking for.
This kind of JSK is adorable and has a cute bears print which isn`t very usual in hime style since most of the prints are floral.
This kind out outfit is very versatil because it could work for different styles as spank or gyaru
This watch is just TOO adorable !

This adorable brand makes sweet lolita, punk lolita and even kodona which are divided by different categories. Their site actually has an english part and you can order from cdjapan or tokyo rebel. The princes are a little cheaper from the other lolita brands which is good, but actually my favorite part are the sizes! Most of their JSK and OP are all back shirred and they even have a L size that means REAL L and XL size and not japanese L size that is a western S/M most of the time and yes they do have a lovely plus sized model.

From sweet to casual and punk style

I really love this JSK! the print is simple but the model is really cute

mercredi 16 mars 2011

Being blonde

I love my hair color but I`m not going to lie, being blonde when your natural hair is almost black is a pain in the neck.

From black to white...

First step : Will it suit me? This was my main concern since I`m aren`t really white I was afraid of looking bad or ugly. I truly believe that as any other hair color it can suit everybody it you show enough confidence. Are you ready to take all the responsabilities? As I said it isn`t an easy color if your hair is dark. Can you afford doing your roots monthly? Do you know that your hair will be damaged? Are you okey with having different shades of blonde from your roots to your "pointes" ? Do you know that you can`t get rid of this color easy? If the answer to all those questions is yes, then you are ready for the step two

Second step : How and where to dye your hair? Some people go to hair salons, do it themselves, ask to a friend or sibling, etc... I actually prefer to do it at a hairdresser school. Why? Because it`s cheap around 30$/month and well done. I have tried doing it myself (my roots turned orange) and going to a small hair salon where the prince was similar (my roots turned yellow).

Third step: getting the right color! Don't be disappointed if your hair turns yellow or even orange the first time you bleach. It would take at least two entire bleaches to have a good blond color. If you want a silver or platinum color you should use "L'oreal professional solver"this shampoo gives you a silver look and erases the yellow parts, but it doesn't bleach your hair or do miracles.

What should I do after?

Try to do your roots as often as you can, if you wait more than a month they`ll turn yellow or even orange when bleached, but even if you do them every month don`t expect to have a perfect shade of blond everywhere.

Use some treatments! You can buy them almost everywhere. You can find all kinds of brands, prices and qualities . Recently, I bought "L`oreal Absolute repair" and I really loved it. My hair became softer and easier to play with.

CH-INTENSE REPAIR Pictures, Images and Photos

jeudi 3 mars 2011

Baking with strawberrys!

Today I was on the cooking mood. I made tomatoe pasta but I wasn`t enough, and since the strawberrys were about to be out-of-date, I made a pink dissert with them.

At first I wasn`t sure to succed the recipe since it was my the first time but I pulled it of pretty well even if it doesn`t look like the picture on the website . Its called strawberry pudding but it`s acuatlly muffin bread with a mix between jam and caramel on the top.

The dough. Made with sugar, flour, milk and butter. I added some red artificial color to give a cotton candy look that came out very well.

The jam/caramel. Made of strawberrys, sugar, lemon juice and butter.

The final product! It doesn`t looks really awesome but it teastes like heaven!

I`m totally doing this again. I would like to try apple or blueberrys instead since my mother doesn`t like strawberrys.

You can try a similar recipe in english here.

Pastel me!

It has been a while since I didn`t post any outfit pictures. Since I`m in spring break and I don`t have much to do at home I went out with a friend to the closest shopping mall.
Spring and summer are pretty much my favorite season for getting new clothes since they are cuter and more colorful.

I really passed a good time because we did cute things like eating cotton candy, go to ToysRus and look at the new toys collection and try stupid and funny costume hats. Seeing all those toys really gives me inspiration, I hope one day I`ll have my own collection of Barbies and My little pony.

The outfit!

I know this kind of top isn`t the best for my body type but, I really like it! The shorts are homemade and so are the heart and star sheape necklaces. The fabric was originally withe, but I painted it to give that spankish look and yes since it still winter in Canada I have to wear boots to go out ;^;.

mercredi 2 mars 2011

Tomoyo, an inspiration.

"Being a life style lolita isn`t easy" "Wearing lolita every day isn`t easy" "Being the only lolita in your area isn`t easy" "Being an overweighted lolita isn`t easy" Those are some of the phrases that we hear pretty often.

Let me present you one of my best internet friends and one of my inspirations.

She`s Tomoyo-chan. She`s a lifestyle lolita, wears the style every day, lives in a very little town where nobody knows about lolita or harajuku styles and is plus sized. She also has one of the most beautiful brainbows and sweet personalities had I had ever met.

She proves to me that when you have a real passion for something nothing can stop you from doing what you love.

Life isn`t gentle for some of us. She had passed through a lot, but still having a charming heart.

She`s one of those lolitas that represents the old school spirit, the one that Takemoto Novala and the character Momoko showed us.

Dear Tomoyo, thank you for being my friend, showing me how we all should love ourselves & being an awesome lolita. Please keep it that way.