jeudi 6 octobre 2011

School, job and style inspiration!

First of all, I apologize for the lack of entrys and outfit pictures. Everyday I go to college from 8h to 6h and on the weekends I work part time, so yeah I have been pretty busy lately. I promisse I'll buy batteries for my camera and take outfit shoots soon! So as I said I'm working, where do I work? At a Halloween Depot, wich its pretty cool! I like working there and well I like earning money too.

Since a long time I have been wondering if I should turn more into lolita or cyber pop (DON'T GET ME WRONG I'M NOT LEAVING FAIRY KEI AT ALL) I just wanted to add a touch of those styles to my own style. I know I could do both but however they way I feel at this moment goes more with how I see cyber pop.

What do I need/want?

- Dreads, in pink and blue. I'm going to order them soon, I'll take falls cause I can't go to work with colorful cyber dreads.
- More colorful make up mostly eyeshadow. I plan to get the 125 colors palette.
- High heels.
- Colorful fake fur. I want to make legwarmers, scarfs and some other accessoires.
- Lycra pink mini shorts. They actually go with everything.
- Pink goggles, I want to deco them.

Style inspiration

Next week I promisse I'll post a lot! What I had bougth and outits!

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