mardi 11 octobre 2011

Fun Fun Fun

Since I'm on my "vacation" week I want to go out as much as I can with my friends. On sunday after work I went to a girly sleepover at Chiara's house with Jiji. we ate A LOT of candy, chocolate and cookies, talked for hours and watched mean girls. On monday it took us HOURS to get ready and go out to china town (as usual) I was so exicted because I was going to buy JYJ In heaven CD, wich its actually amazing and worth it! So yeah, we had bubble tea and went shopping. I ordered black circle lenses with power. I can't wait to have them!!

What I bougth?

I aslo bougth underwear, headphones and other things but its too boring/personal to take pictures.


This outfit its a little cyber inspired because of the leggings, legwarmers and the skirt, but the top is more cute, so yeah this is the kind of mix I like and I'm going to go for.


I did a super colorful make up, but sadly you can't see it.

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