jeudi 13 octobre 2011

How to thrift?

I have been thrifting for years, I know where and how to find the good deals. In this entry I want to share you my thrifting strategies and tips.

When and where?

The best moments of the year to go thrift are summer and January. Why? It's simple, garage sales take place on summer and since people have more free time they decide to clean and trow away things they don't want anymore. For January it's almost the same thing, people make their new year cleaning and donate a lot of stuff.

On summer look for garage sales,basement sales at churches and flea markets while on winter places as salvation army are better. You can use google, the newspaper or ask people you know to find those places.

Is this a good deal?

Before trowing yourself at everything pastel or cute you see, take in consideration this aspects
- Am I going to wear this? You can like something but that doesn't means that you'll wear it and we all know that having clothes you don't wear is not very useful.
- How special is the print? I find the best printed clothes thrifting. When I really love a print and I know could not find it somewhere else I buy without any doubt eve if it's not my size, I can always use the fabric for something else.
- Is it dirty/ripped? Can I repair/clean it? Don't buy clothes that look too dirty or old unless you want a trashy effect.
- Is the prince worth it? Some places overprice clothes and accessories, so if you can get something similar for the same prince but new, don't buy.
Do and Don't

Try it on. It can look your size, but that doesn't means it will fit you well.
Go thrifting often, every week lots of new things arrive to second hand shops, so go as often as you can.
Look at all the sections, not only female or clothes section.
Take a car where you are going to put everything you like and at the in check it just to be sure of what you are taking.

Be ashamed of buying there.
Start wondering if it's dead people clothes, it's irrelevant.
Expect to always find what you are looking for, it can take months until you find exactly what you want.
Look at the sizes, most of the time size are fucked up and are always different. On my own wardrobe I have S,M,L, XL and even 3X .

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  1. Thank you for the tips! I've been looking to start thrifting for a while, and this helped. :3