mardi 13 septembre 2011

Autumn tips!

For Japanese styles as Lolita, Fairy-kei, Dolly-kei or Mori girl Autumn has the best weather to wear fantastic outfits.
Say Hello! to oversized cute, fluffy and comfy clothes! Don't be afraid of wearing multiple layers and have fun mix and matching clothes.

The best Pop-kei clothes and accessories for this season are :
- Customized jeans coat. You can wear a hoodie under it for colder days.
-Long mokomoko pastel scarf.
- Sneakers. They will keep your feet warm and fit with almost every outfit.
- Earmuffs.
-Oversized hoodies and sweaters.
- Fluffy hats, actually those with animal ears seem to be very trendy lately.
- Legwarmers and tights.
- Bloomers.

Pastel colors remind me more of Autumn, but more vibrant colors are also a good idea to bring some color to this season. Cyber fashion elements as fake furry legwarmers or coats and metallic or neon leggings can perfectly work with Pop-kei.

Special activities for this time of the year.

1) As winter, cold seasons are perfect for knitting. If you don't know how to knit and you prefer to go for the easy and faster way, I recommend you to buy one of these kits, they are easy knit looms. They cost around 20$ and come in different sizes and forms. Soon I'll buy one and make a review for you.

2)Hiking on the forest or just walking on a big park. Even if this is more mori related, this easy and free activity helps you to relax, breath and even do some exercise. Don't forget to bring some food, music, a good book and some friends if you can.

3) Getting ready for Halloween. Halloween is not only my birth day date, but also the perfect moment to dress as crazy and act as crazy as you want. Before the last October's half, you should be preparing your costume and set a plan ( a party? trick or treat? both?) You can also do some other Halloween themed activities like decorating your house, cooking some horror desserts or designing a pumpkin.
And this was all for now, I hope you liked my fashion and lifestyle tips!

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  1. Reikooooo ton blog a l'air si bien... Mais j'ai la flemme de lire les articles et de les comprendre car ils sont en anglais * brûle en enfer* Je vais me forcer. Parce que ça a l'air vraiment bien♥