dimanche 6 novembre 2011


This year I really wanted to do a super crazy make up for halloween. My first idea was to be a death ring leader, but I could't find a nice black dress, so I decided to go for an original character. Its kind of a magical girl from the space. To be honest that make up wasn't confortable AT ALL. I couldn't touch my face or see properly, but I guess its just once a year.


I brougth a lot of halloween candy to the school to share with my friends and after we went for trick or treat. We had to come home early, so we didn't get a lot of candy, but we had fun.


How was your halloween?

1 commentaire:

  1. OMG that looks so awesome! I also thought of doing some magical girl thing this year (or Barbie) but didn't get around to putting together a costume. But what you've done is really awesome. The make up looks great, but I can definitely see how it would be uncomfortable haha. Like you said though, only once a year!