dimanche 28 août 2011

A first week at college

Outfit from Saturday
Expectations are most of the time wrong. Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems. My first week as a college student was better than expected, but the work and projects bigger and more difficult than expected.

The good points
- I feel at my place
- I can easily talk to people
- Teachers are nice
- There is a lot of people with cool hairstyles and looks
- I have friends studying there
- All my classes interest me a lot
- The equipment and places are heaven compared to high school
- I can listen to music while working in some classes

The bad points
- Materials are expensive
- My schedule is really full and makes me tired
- We are going to do A LOT of homeworks
- Sharing a locker
- The school is far from my home ( 1h to get there)

To celebrate this first week, the school organized a little party on Wednesday, between 12h and 2h. We had free food and music.
Jiji on Wednesday

On Friday after school, I went to china town with some of the rainbow-team members and two friends from school. We had Chinese diner , bubble tea and made purikura.

Finally, on Saturday , to say goodbye to Haru, a friend from France, we went together trifling and we also ate cupcakes. Sadly, as I have to save my money for school I couldn't get new clothes but I had a lot of fun!

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