samedi 3 septembre 2011

But I love them...

"We never leave because things become hard, we leave because they are not worth it anymore."
This entry goes for every fan around the world who can understand how I feel.

It is not a secret for anybody that fashion is one of the bigest loves of my life, however now I desire to talk about myself as a fan. It may be a lie if I say I'm a kpop fan. I really like to listen to Kpop, but the only reason I go to Kpop events and say I belong to this fandom is DBSK. Without a doubt, those five guys have changed my life. Lately, the Kpop boom has arrived to America. Flash mobs are being organised all around the world and we can clearly see the results of this effort, mostly in New York. The lucky big apple will be the host of two big Kpop shows this October, which explains why I'm making this entry. Before you start wondering, no, I'm not going to those shows sadly. You can't even imagine who much it breaks my heart and how many tears I have dropped because of that. At this moment because of a personal issue, there is no possible way I could go to New York to see DBSK. Sometimes, I wonder "Why can't I love local artists?" It would be a lot easier, but I simply can't. I can listen to their songs and dance, but I can't love them.

My fandom is getting broken in 3 pieces, fans are losing the faith, the time is passing and things don't seem to get better, but no matter what I can't turn my back to this huge family, because no matter how sensitive I'm or hor much it can hurt me, they still making me happy and inspiring me.
For those you can't attend to concerts, for those whose favorite band has disbanded or been on a long break, for those whose idols are in the army, for those you weren't there since the beginning, but will stay here until the very end and for those who have experienced a law issue. Lets all wait and support our idols! Lets all hope for the best!

We dont love them but....
...But we love them!

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