samedi 29 janvier 2011

Kiseki B-day 8/01/11

I love B-day partys even if they aren`t mine, I love cakes, gifts and having fun with friends.

This time it was Amanda`s B-day, even if we don`t see each other really often I`m always really happy when go out. To celebrate we went to a shopping mall, korean restaurant (so yummy!) and to her house.
Everybody was so kind even the waiter, except from george the guy that made a huge reservation in out first restaurant choice D:


What I ate?

Beef soup with rice cake and dumplings! Really hot but good.
Almond cake with fruits, the butter cream was AWESOME!!!

I hope we`ll go to the karaoke soon! I really hope they`ll have JYJ`s english songs so I`ll be able to sing the real lyrics for once and not just try to read hangeul and fail.

My outfit
Kind of simple but I like it

I don`t really look good but I know that at moment I was really happy so who cares C:

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