vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Cold winter, warm cuteness

Winter isn`t by far mi favorite season. Other tan christmas it is jus toooooo cold, gray and not fashionable. Wearing always a coat and boots isn`t the most cute or confortable thing ever.
But one of my favorite things about this season are the accessories.

Ear muffs, scars, gloves etc.. Fluffly is the key word. So i took some pictures of mine :



I wish i could wear them all year long.

-Tips to stay cute and warm in winter:-

- Lots of layers : socks , legwarmers, leggings. Don`t be afraid to try an old school decora look.

- Accessorise : Nothing is cuter and a fluffly pair of earmuffs and scarfs give a nice touch to your outfit.

- "Pimp" : You can use bows, lace, fur etc... To decorate your boots or coat.

- Always put on lipstick, gloss etc.. Or your lips will dry and its going to hurt bad.

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