samedi 29 janvier 2011

Ice cream fimo tutorial!

What you`ll need?
- Different colors of fimo ( more than 3 and specially light pink or brown and white)
- Needle or a safety pin
- Small rolling pin
- Pizza cutter or Knife

Step 1 use the pink or brown and make a triangle (personally I make an oval and use the pizza cutter to cut it like a triangle)

Step 2 Making the ice cream cone pattern. Use the pizza cutter or the knife to make inclined lines.

Step 3 The ice cream scoop. Make a round or ovale form and put the bottom part under the cone. Make a strap with the same color as the ice cream and put it on the top, between the cone and the scoop.

Step 4 Giving the ice cream texture. Use the needle to scratch and make very small holes on your ice cream.

Step 5 putting on the white cream (it could be chocolate too) Make and irregular round form and put it on the top of your scoop. You`ll probably have some rests so you can cut them as I did

Step 6 The touch up , Use a plastic stick to give that "w" form to your ice cream, it will look cuter and fill the space left with the same color as the scoop.

Step 7 Make it colorful! Make very tiny straps with other colors that fit your ice cream and cut them into little rectangles to create "candy". Put them on the top of your cream and violà.

Now you are free of making what you want just like : charms, necklaces, rings etc...

2 commentaires:

  1. Super cute! I must use this when I make my collection of Fairy Kei-inspired jewelry ^-^ thank you for this!

  2. Very cute!~ I'm awful with clay things, but this is very helpful! Maybe I'll try my hand at it again~

    Thanks for posting!~