samedi 8 janvier 2011

Going out with Jiji 1/5/2010

Let me present you Jiji one of my friends from the "Rainbow-Team" She lives a little far from Montreal but this summer She`ll move here and we`ll study fashion design together! I can`t wait!

We went to eat delicious cake and shopping at the China town and downtown. I love to be with her because we can spend hours just talking about japanese fashion ^^! This Summer we`ll may travel to the USA with the rest of the rainbow-team San fransisco or New york. We don`t know yet. San fransisco would be pretty amazing because of the japanase fashion boutiques there but it`s really far from here T.T.

Jiji eating chocolate cake


Me eating white choclate cheessecake


This time if decided to go for a rainbowxpink outfit. With some vintage characters as My little pony and Rainbow Bride.


JSK- Handmade

Hair accessories- My little pony 2000`s generation (My favorite one)

Shoes- Reebok

The rest- Off brand

What I bought?


Legging and Tshirt- H&M

Ear muffs- China Town

It was kind of cold and my ears were sooo cold so I decided to buy those cute ear muffs.

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  1. hey, i am your new follower :)
    the rainbow brite outfit is so nice, you really do look like rainbow bride in it! you tutorial is also very lovely!
    This blog is going to be amazing! you go girl!