vendredi 18 février 2011


We have all heard about lolita & gyaru lifestyle. But how about decora and fairy kei ?

Most of the people into this kind of fashion don`t belive it exist and I fully respect their opinion. Despite that, I do consider myself as a lifestyle girl. I like to take sweet lolita & magical girl elements and I apply my own twist.

How do I define decora/fairy kei life style?

1) Making everyday`s life stuff fit your style. You can decorate your cellphone, headphones , Ipod, notebooks, boxes,places where you keep your accessories etc... Instead of using a tupperware you can buy a bento box, You can buy cute school supplies at china or korean town and of course sanrio magasin.

2) Having your own little colorful palace. Sometimes life can be stressful and so grey but if we arrive home and open the door to a cute castle everything seems better. Japanese rooms are usually very small but well decorated. You can choose a theme or just mix what you like. It doesn`t have to be all fashion related as long as you like it. I actually have 4 DBSK posters and even if they don`t fit, they make me smile. You don`t need a huge amount of money to have a beautiful room, 1$ store and thrifty places are such a good choice to find the items you need.
3) crafting, sewing, creating... Those help me to relax and explore my artistic side. You dont have to be talented or go on private classes to learn. I actually learn by my self and it`s pretty amazing to see how you improve everytime you make something new. You can create your own presonalized outfits and accessories!

4) Related TV shows or movies. Such as magical girl anime, vintage cartoons, disney movies even some cute dramas and asian movies (as kamikaze girls) would do. In the nigth I love to drink tea while watching one of those shows.
5) ATTITUDE!! This is the most important one. We are human beings and we have "bad" feelings such as anger, hate, sadness etc.. But if we can try to get over it and bring joy to the world by small acts of kindness we are already caring the spirit of those styles. How about baking for the people we know, helping the others at class, volunteering or just smiling and giving compliments? We all can do it!
I`m not saying this is the rigth way and we all should do this things. I just want to share my point of view and my lifestyle.

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