mercredi 23 février 2011

Be who you want to be!

Everytime I listen to people saying they can`t be good looking or wear something I just can`t belive it.

All my childhood and my early teen years I was the smart but ugly and fat girl. I can remember the classmates bulling me, the guys talking about who was the ugliest girl in the classroom and of couse I was part of the contest. Going to the PC lab was painful because they were mirrors everywhere... By far, it wasn`t the easiest time of my life. I didn`t have any self-steam and I was soooo self-conscious. At the same time, I wasn`t beautiful in the inside as I`m today. By that time, I didn`t belive in magic or kindness.

So then, what happened?

I don't really know what exactly made me want to change. It was a combination of different elements and situations. I was meeting new people, discovering new things, living in a different place, etc... But the most important one, I realized how beauty can come in different forms and styles. I started dreaming and Japanese street fashion took an important place in my life. It wasn't an easy or quick change because even know I am still working for being who I want to be. But without any doubt is worth it.

I'm not telling you to put loads of make up on, starve or wear fancy clothes because the biggest part of beauty comes from the inside. In my opinion, people brigth the most because of who we are on the inside and the outside is just there to complete.

Other important point is the "fake" part. Japanese styles usually can turn "fake" easily: wigs, circle lenses, lashes, nails, etc... Wearing these elements doesn't make you fake or wanna be. As long as you wear them to look in the way you feel. Let me explain my point, if you feel like a doll (an antique one or Barbie) and you want to look like one too, you are just being who you really are.

And remember don't ever be ashamed of who you are and don't ever limit yourself to what people expects from you.

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  1. You speak so much TRUTH!

    I was much like you when I was younger. I got made fun of a lot, for all sorts of reasons. The reasons I gained my self-esteem back were just as numerous, but I think the biggest turning point was when I realized that all of the people who made fun of me were no longer there! I don't talk to them or even see them any more. And if someone else makes fun of me, I'll probably never see them again either! Why was I worried about what some random person who's long gone and probably forgotten about me was thinking? When I started thinking that way, it was easier to stop telling myself that I can't do or wear something and just try it myself. Since then, I get way more compliments than put-downs, but most importantly, I finally feel like myself.

    I hope someone reads your post and is inspired. The hardest part about having low self-esteem is realizing it doesn't have to be that way. There will be people who like and dislike you, no matter what you do. But you've got to see yourself every day, and if you like you, everything else will fall in place!

    And about that 'fake' part, I think it's only fake if someone lies and says that it's real XD Otherwise, it's just part of the outfit!

  2. Oh, and also, I think you were gorgeous back then just as now <3

  3. Je ne commente pas souvent (voir jamais) ton blog, mais sache que j'aime beaucoup lire tes articles & réflexions, je les trouve vraiment intéressant.
    Je ne t'avais jamais vu avec les cheveux noirs, je trouve que le blond te fait un teint beaucoup plus coloré~

  4. that was a really really nice post!

    liked it a lot ♥

  5. I only just found a link to this site, and I'm glad I did, you're adorably cute!

    If it doesn't sound weird, I feel so incredibly proud for you that you came so far!
    I can sympathise with you must have felt-- in high school I was this frizzy-haired, plump, plain girl who always wore grey and black and tried to hide, and I hated myself so much. Joining the alternative fashion scene with its often much more open-minded attitude was how I learned to accept myself. I maintain that alt fashion can be so much more healthy about its outlook on physical beauty than the mainstream, not to mention being so much more fun!

    I love reading stories like these. It gives me hope that more girls can get over their self-esteem problems, if they can see others like you who did it and look truly awesome. ^-^ Thank you for writing this, dear! <3

    Anyway, aha, what you said moved me so much that I'm crying like a wet blanket (and ruining my makeup!) so I'll just add on, I love what you said about how fake things can be a part of who you really are. It's so true, natural is not necessarily more real.

  6. Thank you very much you all for the comments. They really touch me. At first, I tought this post was kind of stupid but now I know is not.
    I`m also happy to know that I`m not the only one who passed trough this situation and if I least I can inspire one person it`s amazing!