mardi 17 mai 2011

How to prepare yourself for an important meet up?

In less than a month the most important lolita meeting is coming : "Ste Dolores". Everybody is getting ready and the ones who can, ordering new items.

How to get ready?
- Think about the main piece of your outfit, a JSK , a OP or a skirt. If you can't order something new, try to wear something that you haven't wore for others meetings.

-Find a concept! If you are wearing a print, then it could be your concept. If not, think about how do you feel or how your main piece inspires you? Maybe it reminds you of a doll, a magical girl, a princess, etc...


- Do a sketch of how do imagine the whole outfit! Even if you aren`t good at drawing, just like me, if doesn't really matters as long as you understand what you'll need to complete your look.

- Make a list of what you already have and what you need to do or to buy, if you write the prices too it could be helpful!

- Try your hairstyle and make up at least one week before the meeting! You don't need to pull off the whole outfit, but it gives you a good idea of the look. Take your time! It is for a special day, so it doesn't matters if it takes hours, also be sure that it will last the day long.


-One or two days before be sure that everything is ready and clean.

- If it's a picnic or a meet up at somebody's house cook or bake something nice and tasty! They will appreciate it for sure.

- Do your nails the night before and make them match with your outfit! If you are wearing fake nails, I would suggest to glue them just before going to the meeting and after you are done with your hair and make up.

- Wake up early! Nothing stress me more than having the impression of being late. So please, be sure that you'll have enough time to get ready!

As a last suggestion, if you can make a sleepover with a friend before the meeting do it! It's always cute & fun, plus she could help you to do your hair!

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